The study

cellRESET started a international university study together with the University of Applied Science Upper Austria. The aim of this long-term analysis is to measure the results of the cellRESET users and document these, to ensure a scientific evaluation. By that it will possible to detect all effects of the change in diet and verify them scientifically.

Since over one year many hundred users make their data available to science. From this should develop one of the biggest studies about nutrition, after the first big step with around 2.500 users in the study has been reached.

To make it more attractive for users to regularly provide their data, the study participants enjoy some benefits in the community platform and also their data is monitored and evaluated additionally by experts.

Users who are interested can find more information in the community platform. Request free access

The research director

Preface by Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Otmar Höglinger

The task of the cellRESET study is to measure the success of the cellRESET program and make it more comprehensible. The cellRESET program leads to a weight reduction on the one hand, on the other to an improvement of blood parameters and general well being. Over a time of three years the cellRESET study will observe relevant parameters, to document the positive development of the general health status and well being.

As the cellRESET program aims towards sustainable and long lasting success, the cellRESET study tries to establish further elements such as the formation of cellRESET study groups.

These groups should inspire each other to start activities together e.g. healthy cooking or further education in the field of nutrition.

The cellRESET study is supposed to develop worldwide and contribute to establish nutrition as a major factor for human health.

Profile of Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Otmar Höglinger

Research focus

  • Functional food products
  • Molecular dietetics
  • Nutritional-physiologically relevant food products
  • Nutritional studies

Research units

  • Food technology and nutrition

Scientific fields

  • Dietetics
  • Food technology

Extracts from curriculum vitae

06/1987 Degree in technical chemistry with excellent success (Dipl.-Ing.)
09/1991 Doctorate at the Technical University of Graz, Institute for Biochemistry and Food chemistry, Degree with excellent success
11/1993-04/2000 Research chemist; Head of research department and NBD-Manager, DSM Fine Chemicals
05/2000-04/2010 Executive director of Upper Austrian Research GmbH
07/2005-04/2010 Member of Research and Development advisory board of the University of Applied Science Upper Austria
09/2007-04/2010 Board member at “Forschung Austria”
Since May 2010 Professor for Biochemistry at the University of Applied Science Upper Austria
Since 2013 Academic director for the program “Food Technology and Nutrition”

The multiply honoured research work of Prof. Höglinger has yielded over 30 scientific publications. In the course of his career he worked in many companies, committees and scientific projects in advisory and managing function. Thus we are very happy that since 2015 he is on the executive board of the scientific advisory board at cellRESET and there actively participates with his competence and international academic significance.